Initial he Internet Child Safety is a priority of the MOON AWARD Program. Even though C. O. P. A. sets a minimum age of 13 years, the minimum age for the MOON AWARDS Program is 14 years. I do never collect personally identifiable information from site users under the age of 13.


All data and e-Mail addresses sent to me will only be used in connection with the application with the MOON AWARD Program. I will not sell or distribute it in any way to third parties. After conclusion of the evaluation, I will delete all data sent to me.

To protect the privacy of the applicant, and for security reasons, I will only put the applicant’s ID on the status page and will not link it in any way that could identify that person.

After winning a MOON AWARD, the website of an applicant will be shown on the winner page with a screenshot of his/her home or opening page.

If, as an Award winner, you do not wish a screenshot to be displayed, please send a short e-Mail to me.

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The MOON AWARD program exists since April 2007 and is the property of JENNY MAASS, Linz at the Danube River, Austria (Europe).

The entire content of the MOON AWARD Program, including the award graphics and all other graphics, are subject to my copyright. The screen shots that are shown are with the permission of the respective website owners.


The background picture from NASA link is free to use. Thank you NASA!
The land flags are from: “”  link Thank you.
The Green Smilies (I love them) are from link   green smiley

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