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Initialhank you for your interest in the MOON AWARD Program.
The MOON AWARD is not a give-away Award.
Every award program sets forth criteria by which they judge or evaluate websites. If they did not do so, the award would just be given to any site that applies; a give-away award without much meaning. The MOON AWARD Program has such criteria.

Each webmaster is quite rightly proud of his or her web site. I know the hard work and devotion needed to create a web site and I am pleased by your efforts. I am also honored and proud to review your site. Do not look upon the criteria as a rigid set of regulations. They are meant as a guide or common ground for both the applicant and the evaluator.

Read the disqualifiers (!) and the criteria and take the self-test. If you then determine that your website meets the requirements, you should go to the application form.

Not qualifying does not mean that your site is not a good one. It could be a very beautiful and informative site, but it just does not meet our criteria. You are free to change something on your site and then apply.

But you are not required to do so. Never change your site or your design because of the criteria of any award program simply to qualify for that award. The site is your own creation, your own style. I respect that.

If you need help or support for your web site, please do not hesitate to let me know. You can send an e-mail to me or use the form on the page of the MOON AWARD News link - I will be glad to help if I can.

Should your site be disqualified you may re-apply after making changes to the site and waiting three months. Similarly, should you win one of the lower level awards, Bronze or Silver, you may reapply after updating the site and waiting three months.

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